Google Apps vs. Microsoft Exchange

Video: Google Apps vs. Microsoft Exchange

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I love all of the hilarious Xtranormal videos that I’ve come across so I created one dealing with Google Apps vs. Microsoft Exchange. Here is a hilarious video on someone debating whether to go to law school. Here is another debating the HTC Evo vs. iPhone 4.

Here is how the video plays out. A boss asks his employee to setup Microsoft Exchange until the employee tells his boss just how much it will cost. After informing him about Google Apps, the boss decides to go with Google it in order to save the company money and gives his brilliant employee a bonus for helping save the company money. To the video.

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Business Plan 101: Microsoft Exchange vs. Google Apps (Cost Analysis)

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Microsoft vs. GoogleSo you want to start a business, but don’t know how to set up your company’s e-mail, or you already have a business, but want to reduce your IT costs.  Then this tutorial is for you.  I break down the costs related to Microsoft’s and Google’s products so you don’t have to do countless hours of research trying to break through the clutter and mass-confusion.

Here are your options: (1) use Microsoft’s numerous products for your company’s e-mail, calendar, contacts, and collaboration tools; or (2) use Google Apps for Businesses.

Microsoft’s prices are becoming so outrageous that you’re starting to feel that your business won’t be able to profit once you’re done implementing their “system.”  First, you’ll have to pay for the hardware: a computer …

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