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Internet Explorer Losing Browser Market Share To Chrome

Posted by in Google Chrome, Microsoft on May 4th, 2010 | 1 Comment

IE Red X Crossed OutLast month I wrote a lengthy post about why Google’s Chrome browser is the be-all end-all of website browsers. Not only do I hate IE as a website developer because I’m tired of IE’s silly quirks that you have to spend hours debugging, but it provides just a terrible browsing experience. It is simply the worst!

I’m glad to see that IE’s market share has finally sunk, for the first time ever, below 60 percent.  IE’s market share now sits at 59.95 percent, falling 0.69 percent since last month. If I had it my way, IE would be completely banned from the internet!

It’s good to see that Chrome’s browser market share increase to 6.73 percent. Maybe my post did a bit of good …

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The Important Matter of Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Posted by in Google Chrome, Microsoft on April 7th, 2010 | 2 Comments

Google Chrome vs. IEIt is already well known that I am a huge fan of anything Google. It started with Google search, then Google Gmail, and then quickly expanded to Google AdWords, Google’s RSS Reader, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Apps, and so on. If you had to guess what my browser of choice is, you know already know that it is going to be Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is simply the best browser there is. I’m still stunned that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still has a majority of the web browser market share with 61% (see chart below). That’s only because it comes pre-installed on Windows, not because it’s a good browser by any means. I would think that more people would get fed up …

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