Google Apps and Website Pricing

Pricing Overview

  • Website Setup – $150
  • Google Apps Setup – $150
  • Additional Support – $150/hour

Website Pricing Information

When it comes to pricing, it shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. At Zadling, we’re all about simplicity. If you’re looking to start website, I’m going to recommend WordPress. We offer our WordPress Installation Package for just $199. Not only will we install WordPress, but we’ll also include 3 months of free hosting, an hour of phone support, installation of essential SEO plugins, Google Analytics, and a WordPress theme of your choice.

After WordPress is installed, many of our clients like certain customizations. We are happy to make those changes in order to meet your needs on a basis of time charged at a rate of $60/hour.

Once the website is setup, the next goal for the website will be content development. We are happy to provide content development services for our customers. Please contact us below to learn more.

Google Apps Pricing Information

We are also guessing that email is going to be important to you. Many people like having using their own email address rather than their personal Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account. The problem is that when email addresses are set up for your domain, they’ll eventual become victim to spam email. In order to avoid spam email, we recommend installing Google Apps for our clients. Google offers Google Apps Standard for free and it eliminates all spam emails. We can set up Google Apps for for just $150.

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  • Google Apps Setup

    » Quick, Hassle-Free Setup.
    » One-time $150 setup fee - no annual fees.
    » Eliminate Spam Emails.
    » 1 Hour of Phone Support.

    $150 One-Time Fee

    Google Apps Setup
  • Outlook Sync Setup

    » Ditch the costs of Microsoft Exchange.
    » Continue using Microsoft Outlook.
    » Phone and email support to guide your through setup.

    $150 One-Time Fee

    Microsoft Outlook Sync Setup
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    Zadling is a Google Apps specialist and expert that provides Google Apps setup, consulting, and support services for small businesses. Google Apps is a group of cloud computing applications that allows co-workers to colloborate in real time, which increases company productivity and efficiency while dramatically reducing IT costs.

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