Microsoft Outlook Sync For Google Apps Setup

Google Apps Sync For Microsoft OutlookWhy Setup Microsoft Outlook Sync

  • Eliminate the need for a Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Continue using Microsoft Outlook with Google Apps!
  • Give your organization the option of using either Google Apps of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Email, calendar events, and contacts synced together automatically.
  • Dramatic costs savings!
    • No server or server software required.
    • No hardware and software upgrades.
    • No expensive IT personnel required.

Google Apps Sync For Microsoft Outlook Setup

  • Professional Setup Service — Use our setup, consulting, and support services to get you up and running with Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook sync so you can continue running your business.
  • Hassle-Free Setup — we’ll configure your settings and provide step-by-step instructions during the installation so you don’t encounter any errors or headaches.
  • Affordable Pricing — Just a one-time $150 setup fee.


About Microsoft Outlook Sync For Google Apps

Google Apps has been gaining steam among the business community because it provides the ability to remove the need for a costly Microsoft Exchange server, yet provides the option of using Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Exchange servers are expensive due to the combined hardware and software cost. If you maintain a server in your own office, you are already aware of the costs involved. You are required to buy hardware and software and once the system becomes dated, it’s time for costly hardware and software upgrades. If you didn’t want to be hassled with purchasing a Microsoft server to run Exchange, you may have hired an offsite hosting company to maintain your Exchange server for a monthly fee — sometimes as much as $100/month. Thanks to Google Apps, you can eliminate these costs. By eliminating these costs, you can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.

Many of my clients have been using Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook for years, but they’re looking remove the costs associated with Exchange, or they are looking to transition their team to Google Apps, but still want give their co-workers the option of using Microsoft Outlook. With Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, businesses can get rid of the costly Exchange server and still be able to use Outlook.

We come into the picture by preparing your team for the transition. We can setup Google Apps for your business, migrate your data from Outlook or Exchange to Google Apps, prepare your team members for the transition, and help you install Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook so the transition is made smoothly without any errors or frustration along the way. We are able to offer our setup, support, and consulting package for just $150.

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  • Google Apps Setup

    » Quick, Hassle-Free Setup.
    » One-time $150 setup fee - no annual fees.
    » Eliminate Spam Emails.
    » 1 Hour of Phone Support.

    $150 One-Time Fee

    Google Apps Setup
  • Outlook Sync Setup

    » Ditch the costs of Microsoft Exchange.
    » Continue using Microsoft Outlook.
    » Phone and email support to guide your through setup.

    $150 One-Time Fee

    Microsoft Outlook Sync Setup
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