Why Did YouTube Switch To iFrame Embed Code?

Posted by in YouTube on February 3rd, 2011 | 4 Comments

YouTube iFrame Embed CodeI recently saw the YouTube switched to an iFrame for their embed code rahter than using the <object> tag.  I began to wonder why they did this. At first I didn’t like using the iFrame tag because when using WordPress, you have to paste the tag in the HTML view and if you toggle back to the Visual tab, you will lose the HTML iFrame code that you pasted.

It turns out the reason for the change has to do with HTML5. By using an iFrame, the YouTube video will be able to detect whether your browser supports HTML5 and if it does, the HTML5 version of the video will play rather than the Flash version.

The whole reason for this was so videos can …

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Happy 5th Birthday YouTube

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This month marks the 5th anniversary of YouTube. It seems like it’s been around for so much longer, but YouTube launched its first beta version in May 2005. The idea began in Chad Hurley’s garage in in January 2005 and the domain was then registered in February before YouTube was officially launched in its beta version in May. By September 2005, Ronaldinho’s “Touch of Gold” Nike ad was the first video to receive 1 million views.

YouTube was then considered official by December 2005. Google then acquired YouTube on October 6, 2006, for $1.65 billion, which is actually Google’s second largest acquisition behind Double Click, the online advertising giant that Google acquired for for $3.1 billion in April 2007.

YouTube now receives 2

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YouTube Direct Encouraging Citizen News Reporting

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YouTube DirectGoogle upgraded their YouTube Direct service with the new YouTube Direct 2.0. YouTube Direct is aimed at helping news broadcasters take advantage of citizen news reporting. There are various upgrades in the new platform, but the most interesting addition is the ability to upload photos rather than just video.

A lot of people catch news events on their cellphones or digital cameras before news stations can get to the scene. With YouTube Direct 2.0, news organizations can solicit news coverage from their users.

YouTube Direct will display an upload button on the newscaster’s website and users can submit videos and photos of the news story. Users of the service have a moderation interface to control which videos and photos are displayed with the news story.…

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YouTube Adds 99 Cent Movie Rentals

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YouTube Movie RentalsIf you follow Google’s stock, you’ve always heard the knock on Google’s purchase of YouTube: how is Google going to finally monetize YouTube?  Google revealed not too long ago at a shareholder’s meeting that they plan to implement movie rentals on YouTube. The service was initially opened in January with just five Sundance films, but Google recently expanded their movie offerings.

The YouTube rentals range from 99 cents to $3.99 and can be viewed for 48 hours. The YouTube store is accessible in the US at Payments for the movies are made through Google Checkout.  The majority of the movies are indies are documentaries, nothing main stream, but Google is currently negotiating with Sony, Warner Brothers, and Lions Gate in order to expand …

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