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Upcoming Webinars: Cloud Computing and Blogging

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on August 3rd, 2010 | Comment »

Google Cloud ComputingI have two more upcoming webinars to bring to your attention.

The first webinar is titled “Energizing Your Blog” and is hosted by Lynette Chandler. This webinar will take place on Wednesday, August 10 at 8:00 pm EST (5:00 PST). Check out Blog Traffic Experts for more information. If you want to go through some replays of past webinars to get a feel of what you can gain from attending this particular webinar, feel free to browse these archives. These webinars provide a ton of valuable information on helping drive more traffic to your blog.

The next webinar I have on tap is titled “Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing.” This webinar will take place on Friday, August 12 at 2:00 pm EST (11:00 …

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Upcoming Webinars: Video Marketing and Virtual Workforce

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on July 26th, 2010 | Comment »

Video Blogging MarketingI often like to keep our readers updated on upcoming webinars that could benefit their business. I have two more upcoming webinars that you should tune into if you’re looking to learn more about video marketing or cloud-based communications to run a virtual workforce.

The first is a webinar on video marketing. Most people know the importance of blogging and article marketing combined with the use of social media. However, many businesses are failing to utilize video marketing. Beginning a video blog and having a presence on YouTube can have a huge impact on your business. One video blogger I enjoy following is Chris Pirillo. Through his use of video blogging, he’s obtained over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. YouTube is the second largest search …

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Upcoming Webinars On Social Media and Google AdWords

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on July 20th, 2010 | Comment »

I wanted to bring two upcoming webinars to your attention. I recently did a webinar on article marketing hosted by Alexis Rodrigo and got a ton of great information on article marketing, which I’ll be writing an article on sometime soon.  I posted tidbits of information from the webinar on my Twitter account, which I invite you to follow.

Alexis is holding another webinar tonight on how to increase traffic to your website using Facebook and Twitter. The webinar takes place tonight, July 20, at 8:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST). If you’re interesting in joining the webinar, you can simply follow this link and enter the webinar — no registration is required.

Another webinar I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is geared …

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Google Apps Integration With PBX Call Center Webinar

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on June 30th, 2010 | Comment »

Google Apps PBX Call CenterThere’s a webinar being hosted by OnState today (Wednesday, June 30) at 3:00 pm EST that will outline how Google Apps can integrate with your current telecommunications infrastructure and OnState’s call center and PBX solution to handle your business’s telecommunications needs.  The webinar is titled Going Cloud With Your Communications While Keeping Your Feet on the Ground and you can register here.

If you are thinking about switching to Google Apps and want to learn how the rest of your business’s systems and infrastructure can be integrated into Google Apps, you will definitely want to tune into this webinar today.

Like I continually reiterate, Google Apps simply allows you do everything that your business may require and does so at a substantially lower cost. …

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Google Apps Accounting and Finance Upcoming Webinar

Posted by in Google Apps Marketplace, Seminars & Webinars on June 24th, 2010 | Comment »

The first reason I would recommend Google Apps to any small business or startup is because Google Apps has the ability to run your entire business with a fully integrated system at a much lower cost than it’s rivals (Microsoft). Rather than running Microsoft Exchange on a Microsoft Server and then having to purchase licenses for Microsoft Office for all of your employees and then adding other software applications to run tasks such as billing, invoicing, and customer relationship management, Google Apps can run all of these applications in the cloud at a much lower cost.

If you’re thinking about migrating to Google Apps, but still don’t have all the information that you desire concerning various applications that integrate with Google Apps, I have an …

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Google Apps Innovation in Review Webinar

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on June 19th, 2010 | Comment »

Google AppsIf you are considering the move to Google Apps, but haven’t made the move yet, there’s an upcoming webinar that you’ll be interested in attending. Google is holding a webinar titled Google H1 2010: Innovation in Review on Tuesday, June 22 at 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST).

Google’s innovation in the area of Google Apps has accelerated tremendously over the first half of this year and that is what Google plans to highlight in this upcoming webinar. In 2008, Google released 68 new features. In 2009, that number increased to 116 major features.  During this webinar, Google will go over the 50 new features that they’ve added to Google Apps in the first half of 2010 alone.

The webinar will cover new features

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Upcoming Webinars On Google Apps, e-Mail Marketing, and Advertising

Posted by in e-Mail Marketing, Google Apps, Seminars & Webinars on May 8th, 2010 | 1 Comment

Upcoming Google Apps WebinarsI have four upcoming webinars on a variety of topics that I’m sure will you help improve the way you do business and conduct sales.

Google Apps is becoming extremely popular in the class room. The state or Oregon just announced that their Education Department will be switching to Google Apps. Not only can schools and universities benefit from Google Apps, but businesses can to. However, if there’s one worry that businesses have about Google Apps, it’s that they’re hesitant about making a transition from their current system to a new system. Google makes it extremely easy to transition to Google Apps and if you want to learn more about adopting Google Apps for your school or business, Vanderbilt will be sharing their experience …

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Upcoming Social Media and Internet Marketing Webinars

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on May 4th, 2010 | 2 Comments

Social Media WebinarsI have two more upcoming free webinars that I wanted to share with you on internet marketing and social media.

The first webinar is titled “Capitalizing on the Conversation” presented by Social Media Magic. This webinar is being offered on 5 different occasions so you’ll be able to choose whether you want to attend on May 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, or 13.  The webinar starts at 11:00 pm EST and two of the dates feature a 3:00 pm EST time slot. There will be a one hour presentation followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

The webinar is described as a “no-nonsense discussion of how successful entrepreneurs and executives are using Social Media to generate revenue, increase site traffic, build new business …

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Upcoming Internet Security Seminar and Webinar

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on May 2nd, 2010 | Comment »

Internet Security SeminarsThere are two upcoming events in the area of internet security that I wanted to share with you.

The first is a webinar on Wednesday, May 5th at 2 pm EST on eSignatures. eSignatures are becoming very popular since it speeds up the process between contracting parties and the entire papertrail can be stored securely online rather than having contracts clutter up the office. This webinar is being presented by EchoSign, a leader in electronic signatures. Another eSignature service that I’ve used and would recommend using is DocuSign.

The second is a seminar being held Friday, May 7th in SanFrancisco on Internet Trust titled “Internet Trust: Challenges in the Next 10 Years.”  This is a full-day seminar that is featuring speakers from …

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Upcoming Webinars On Google Apps, Cloud Computing, and Facebook

Posted by in Seminars & Webinars on April 29th, 2010 | Comment »

Upcoming Google Apps WebinarsI have another Google Apps webinar coming up that I wanted to share with those looking into adopting Google Apps to handle their business’s computing needs.  Tech Republic is hosting a webinar titled 3 Tips When Considering Google Apps.

The host of the webinar will be Andy Bechtolsheim, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems, and Chairman for Arista Networks, who describes Arista’s switch to Google Apps as a “completely obvious choice” and says, “It’s been my best experience with corporate email in 25 years.”

Topics will include: (1) How to use cloud computing to focus on your business’s core competency; (2) Ways to help employees increase productivity in a rapid growth environment; and (3) Integrating innovation from Google Apps into your business approach.

If you want …

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