Video: Google Apps vs. Microsoft Exchange

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I love all of the hilarious Xtranormal videos that I’ve come across so I created one dealing with Google Apps vs. Microsoft Exchange. Here is a hilarious video on someone debating whether to go to law school. Here is another debating the HTC Evo vs. iPhone 4.

Here is how the video plays out. A boss asks his employee to setup Microsoft Exchange until the employee tells his boss just how much it will cost. After informing him about Google Apps, the boss decides to go with Google it in order to save the company money and gives his brilliant employee a bonus for helping save the company money. To the video.

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Problems with the iPad and Microsoft Windows Server 2003

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One of the main reasons I suggest my clients use Google Apps instead of Microsoft Exchange for their business’s email and IT needs is because, other than the significant cost savings, Google Apps “just works.”  Google Apps can be setup by a professional rather quickly and you will already be getting email delivered to you which you can check from any computer simply by logging in at Additionally, if you still like the comfort of using Microsoft Outlook, that can be setup and synced with Google Apps with ease. Therefore, you could cut out all the headaches and costs associated with having and maintaining a Microsoft server.

My Problem With Microsoft

Our criticism of Microsoft’s offerings is well documented here on this blog. …

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Bing Takes A Shot At Google With Latest Commercial

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Microsoft’s latest commercial “Los Links” takes a shot at Google in a rather funny way. What do you get when you mix a Spanish Channel actress, a dude with an eye patch, English subtitles, and a guy with a mustache coming in on a horse and riding off with the girl? One hilarious commercial.

In the commercial, Microsoft tries to point out that their search engine supplies the user with more relevant information such as showtimes when you search for a movie. However, Google also displays showtimes when you search for movies and their new sidebar has much more functionality than Bing’s.

Google search “Prince of Persia” on both Bing and Google and you tell me who has the better search results. And yes, when …

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How To Stop Windows XP & Vista From Freezing

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Windows Frozen FixIt’s happened to everyone. Your computer locks up. Sometimes it happens occasionally, but other times it occurs frequently — and it drives you nuts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or even Windows 7.  It’s happened to everyone running a Windows machine at least once and more likely a couple hundred times. So what do you do when your computer constantly freezes up?

My Windows Vista desktop has been running smoothly for four years, but recently, freezing up has become a huge problem. For some reason, my desktop would never freeze while I was actually doing work on the computer, it would only freeze when I return to it after the screen saver has been on or the computer has been …

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Boost Traffic With A Controversial Blog Post

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WarningOne great technique to increase traffic to your blog is to blog about something controversial.  That’s what I did yesterday when I wrote an article on why Microsoft Exchange sucks.

This article ended up receiving some positive and some negative feedback. Some people went as far as to call me a liar. Was the article one-sided? Certainly. Did the article contain any falsehoods? Absolutely not.

The point I illustrated in that blog post is that Google Apps is easier for people to use than Microsoft Exchange.

Whenever you write a controversial blog article, you’re obviously not going to please everyone. You are going to draw criticism. That’s okay. In fact, that’s probably a good thing. Would Howard Stern or any political radio talk show …

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Why Microsoft Exchange Sucks

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Microsoft Exchange vs. Google GmailIf you’re a regular of this blog, you know by now that I hate Microsoft. Why do I hate Microsoft? Because Microsoft sucks. I just talked about why Microsoft Office sucks and I’ve talked about why Internet Explorer sucks. Now I’m going to talk about why Microsoft Exchange sucks.

Let me tell you about a story about how I talked to two separate individuals today who had two separate Microsoft Exchange issues that made their lives just a little bit harder and more annoying.

The first person who was having an Exchange issue is a woman who I met during a real estate seminar. Her question was, “why can’t I get my Exchange e-mail on my iPhone?” I asked her, “how are …

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Google Apps Takes Shot At Microsoft Office

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Google Apps vs. Microsoft OfficeGoogle took a shot Microsoft today on their Google Enterprise Blog with an article titled “Upgrade here.” As you can imagine, Google’s problem with Microsoft is the same as my problem with Microsoft. The cost of their products is way too high and you simply don’t get what you pay for.

Every 3 years, Microsoft expects you to upgrade to the latest and greatest edition of Microsoft Office or even their operating system for that matter. However, all it really is after all is just a few aesthetic tweaks and a couple of upgrades that you’ll probably never end up using anyway.  This is Microsoft’s bread and butter. Is there any difference between Windows Vista and Windows 7 besides the bottom bar, a …

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Internet Explorer Losing Browser Market Share To Chrome

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IE Red X Crossed OutLast month I wrote a lengthy post about why Google’s Chrome browser is the be-all end-all of website browsers. Not only do I hate IE as a website developer because I’m tired of IE’s silly quirks that you have to spend hours debugging, but it provides just a terrible browsing experience. It is simply the worst!

I’m glad to see that IE’s market share has finally sunk, for the first time ever, below 60 percent.  IE’s market share now sits at 59.95 percent, falling 0.69 percent since last month. If I had it my way, IE would be completely banned from the internet!

It’s good to see that Chrome’s browser market share increase to 6.73 percent. Maybe my post did a bit of good …

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The Important Matter of Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Google Chrome vs. IEIt is already well known that I am a huge fan of anything Google. It started with Google search, then Google Gmail, and then quickly expanded to Google AdWords, Google’s RSS Reader, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Apps, and so on. If you had to guess what my browser of choice is, you know already know that it is going to be Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is simply the best browser there is. I’m still stunned that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still has a majority of the web browser market share with 61% (see chart below). That’s only because it comes pre-installed on Windows, not because it’s a good browser by any means. I would think that more people would get fed up …

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Business Plan 101: Microsoft Exchange vs. Google Apps (Cost Analysis)

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Microsoft vs. GoogleSo you want to start a business, but don’t know how to set up your company’s e-mail, or you already have a business, but want to reduce your IT costs.  Then this tutorial is for you.  I break down the costs related to Microsoft’s and Google’s products so you don’t have to do countless hours of research trying to break through the clutter and mass-confusion.

Here are your options: (1) use Microsoft’s numerous products for your company’s e-mail, calendar, contacts, and collaboration tools; or (2) use Google Apps for Businesses.

Microsoft’s prices are becoming so outrageous that you’re starting to feel that your business won’t be able to profit once you’re done implementing their “system.”  First, you’ll have to pay for the hardware: a computer …

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