How To Determine Search Volume For Keywords

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Keyword Search Volume ToolsWhether you’re a business, recreational blogger, or domain squatter, you’re going to be interested in how much search volume exists for the keywords that you are looking to target. You’re probably wondering, how can I find out how much monthly search traffic a specific keyword receives? I’m here to show you three different tools you can use to discover monthly search volume.

1.) Google Keyword Tool — Free

This tool was developed by Google in order to enhance the experience and bidding process for Google AdWords advertisers. Google developed this tool in order to show advertisers how popular a given keyword is and how many other people are bidding on a specific keyword.

The great thing about this tool is that it’s free. The unfortunate …

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Email vs. E-mail: SEO Implications

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Is it email or e-mail? The long debate of e-mail vs. email is just about over. Not only is this distinction important for determining what’s more appropriate grammatically, but it’s an important distinction that must be considered for SEO purposes.

Email or e-mail are both correct. It’s not incorrect to say either. However, if you’re writing content for your website, you’re probably wondering which term is used more often when people conduct searches.

E-mail used to be the norm. In fact, when words are merged together, they’ll often start out hyphenated until they become common usage. Once the word becomes common usage, the hyphen can be ditched and the words can be merged together. Examples include over-time, long-term, and well-being. It has now become common …

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How To Come Up With SEO-Friendly Titles

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Create SEO-Friendly TitlesCreating SEO-friendly titles is a great way to increase your website’s traffic. I’ll provide you with some ideas for you to use when you’re thinking about different article titles that you can come up with for your blog. These title ideas are a great way to increase your website’s traffic and land you on the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

If you want to dominate search engine rankings for certain keywords, it’s going to take a lot of effort and link building in order for you to climb the search rankings. It’s extremely hard for a newcomer to rank for any search term that has less than four words — there’s just way too much competition for those short keywords that …

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SEO Case Study: Diagnosing Non-Indexed Pages

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SEO ToolkitProblem

I was looking into my website’s SEO to see if I could uncover any issues. What I found was alarming: what I thought was my single-most important page, Google Apps, was not indexed in Google.

I thought this was very odd because each sub-page within the non-indexed main page was indexed and so was every other single page in my navigation, every category, and every blog article that I have ever written. What was preventing this one page form being indexed?

If you’re wondering how to check to see if a page is indexed, search: “”.

Possible Causes

I thought about some possible causes:

  • It was merely overlooked in the crawling process;
  • It was blocked by robots.txt;
  • The page didn’t load fast enough

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