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Increase Sales With Google AdWords

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Google AdWords Increase SalesInternet advertising is back on the rise according to the 2009 Q4 numbers. Although 2009 showed a 3.4% decline in advertising revenue from 2008, the fourth quarter of 2009 saw record online advertising revenue with $6.3 billion. This marks a 2.6% year-over-year increase and a 14% increase from Q3.  A more detailed breakdown of the numbers is available at WebProNews.

Using Google AdWords has never been more important for small businesses. Google AdWords has the power to literally transform a mom-and-pop shop into a powerful e-commerce website that generates over $500,000 in sales.

Google recently highlighted another Google AdWords success story on their official blog. Jay Berkowitz was able to use Google AdWords to turn his hobby of creating themed lunchboxes into a full-fledged …

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New Developments In Google Advertising

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Google AdWords LogoGoogle launched Google Ad Innovations today which is a website dedicated to revealing the latest advertising tools being developed by Google.  At Google’s website, you’ll be able to watch demos and learn about the latest tools being developed for Google AdWords.

Here is a list of the new Google advertising features that are being developed:

  • Remarketing – an option to only show ads to users who have previously visited your website.
  • Product Listing Ads – rather than using a general text advertisement, you’ll be able to spice up your ads for specific products by including an image, price, and merchant name.
  • Above the Fold Advertising – the option to display your advertisements only in premium ad spaces by excluding advertisements when a visitor has to

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Google AdWords Adds Search Funnels

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Google AdWords LogoGoogle recently boosted Google AdWords reporting features to provide advertisers with more information on their campaigns, and more specifically, their conversions. The new tool developed by Google is being called “search funnels” and it provides advertisers with more insight into consumer interaction with the ads.

Instead of simply notifying the advertiser which keyword led to a conversion, the advertiser is now able to view more information that led up to the conversion such as what other ads of yours were viewed, how many times your ads were clicked before the conversion, as well as how much time passed between the ad click and the eventual sale. You can now get a better picture of how your campaigns are performing compared to others.

Beth Hirschhorn, MetLife …

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