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Grow Your Email List With This iPad Application

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Gain Email SubsribersFor clients of mine who are interested in email marketing, I always recommend Mail Chimp because it’s absolutely free for up to 500 subscribers. Not only does Mail Chimp provide an excellent free service for building an email list, but they’re now developing mobile applications to help you grow your subscriber base even more.

I recently came across a unique new way to expand your subscriber base through the use of their iPad app called Chimpadeedoo, which is an iPad application designed to obtain people’s email addresses. The App was designed for retail stores in mind. Retail stores would be able to place the iPad right by their register where purchasers can sign up for the store’s email list.

Not only can the app …

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Upcoming Webinars On Google Apps, e-Mail Marketing, and Advertising

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Upcoming Google Apps WebinarsI have four upcoming webinars on a variety of topics that I’m sure will you help improve the way you do business and conduct sales.

Google Apps is becoming extremely popular in the class room. The state or Oregon just announced that their Education Department will be switching to Google Apps. Not only can schools and universities benefit from Google Apps, but businesses can to. However, if there’s one worry that businesses have about Google Apps, it’s that they’re hesitant about making a transition from their current system to a new system. Google makes it extremely easy to transition to Google Apps and if you want to learn more about adopting Google Apps for your school or business, Vanderbilt will be sharing their experience …

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Choosing the Right e-Mail Subscription Service Provider

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Mail Chimp eMail MarketingOne of the first tips you receive as a business owner looking to establish a web pressence is to establish an opt-in e-mail list for your customers. e-Mail marketing is extremely effective since it allows you to continually deliver a sales message to your subcribers.

Most people will not end up purchasing a product from somebody until there’s been several interactions between the seller and the customer. Building trust is a key element to the sale and writing thoughtful and useful e-mails is a great way to build that trust. Make sure that every e-mail isn’t just a sales pitch though. Make sure that you’re providing the reader with value so there’s an incentive to cotinue subscribing to your e-mail list. Provide tips and resources

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