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Setting Up Automatic Mobile Reminders With Google Calendar

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I use Google Calendar to schedule all of my appointments and thanks to Google Sync, my phone is automatically updated whenever I add events on my computer and my Google Calendar is automatically updated when I add events on my phone. However, I’ve been late to a meeting before because my calendar notifications weren’t properly setup. I added an appointment and the default notification was set to 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I needed 30 minutes notice to be on time and forgot to change the default.

Google Calendar gives you the option of setting email reminders, pop-up reminders, or both. I use pop-up reminders rather than email reminders because Blackberry will alert me when I have an upcoming appointment. The default reminder is 10 minutes …

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Google Shows Off New Calendar and Chrome App Store

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After Google unveiled the new Google Docs and then gave their search results and updated look, Google revealed their new look for Google Calendar today. The design has a much sleeker look.

New Google Calendar

Some other updates coming out of the Google I/O conference so far have been that Google Wave will now be available to the public (it was previously available by invite only) and Google will be opening up a Chrome App Store, which includes image editing programs, interactive magazines such as Sports Illustrated, games, and more.

Concerning the magazine, Engadget had the following to say:

It’s mighty impressive — embedded video, fully searchable, and some pretty clever tricks with geolocation that frankly exceed most anything we’ve seen on the iPad thus

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New Google Technologies Released This Week

Posted by in Google Calendar, Google Gmail, Local Search on April 19th, 2010 | 2 Comments

New Google TechnologiesThe pace at which Google is developing and releasing new technologies has become staggering. It’s often difficult to stay on top of all of these developments, which is part of the reason we’ve started the Zadling Google Blog, which you can subscribe to here.  We want to create a blog that deals with Google’s new products and technology only. Whether you’re here to learn more about Google Apps or Google Voice, when it comes to new Google products, we have you covered.

There have been a lot of new features introduced by Google since they released the New Google Docs just last week. Let’s do a quick review.

1.) Localized Google Auto-Suggest

Google has added more relevant local suggestions to its auto-suggest …

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Google Calendar Adds Scheduling Tool

Posted by in Google Calendar, Google Sync on March 22nd, 2010 | 2 Comments

Google CalendarAs I mentioned in our company profile, I began using Google Calendar in order to stay organized while I studied for the Pennsylvania Bar Exam.  The greatest feature of Google Calendar was that it existed online rather than on desktop software, so my calendar could be quickly accessed from any computer with the internet.  Additionally, since the data was “stored in the cloud” I had the ability to view and change events from my Blackberry.

Since Google Apps syncs with Blackberry devices, a simple entry in my Blackberry calendar would automatically sync with my Google calendar — no wires required.  Now your Google calendar and Blackberry calendar will be on the same page without ever having to manually sync it.

What I wanted to …

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