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Google Apps Accounting and Finance Upcoming Webinar

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The first reason I would recommend Google Apps to any small business or startup is because Google Apps has the ability to run your entire business with a fully integrated system at a much lower cost than it’s rivals (Microsoft). Rather than running Microsoft Exchange on a Microsoft Server and then having to purchase licenses for Microsoft Office for all of your employees and then adding other software applications to run tasks such as billing, invoicing, and customer relationship management, Google Apps can run all of these applications in the cloud at a much lower cost.

If you’re thinking about migrating to Google Apps, but still don’t have all the information that you desire concerning various applications that integrate with Google Apps, I have an …

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Track Time and Expenses With Google Apps Marketplace App

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Google Apps Time Tracking ApplicationsBeing an attorney, keeping track of billable hours and expenses is part of my daily routine.  There is tons of time tracking software out there, but I’ve always been interested in when a time tracking application would reach Google Apps. With Harvest, a new application in Google’s Apps Marketplace, time tracking has becomes easier and more convenient through it’s integration with Google Apps.

You can track time online or by using your iPhone. Additionally, email reminders can be sent to those who haven’t logged their time and those users can then fill out and submit their time sheets right in Gmail. It doesn’t get any easier and more convenient than that!

The application could then handle your companies billing in invoicing.  The application …

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3 Google Updates Worth Knowing About

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It’s overwhelming to keep track of everything Google does.  One day they’re improving Google Docs, another day they’re changing Google Search, and then they release Google TV.  There has been so much going on lately with Google.  Google is improving everything they do all of the time — that is what they do.  Here are three additions to some Google services that have gotten overshadowed by the major announcements coming from the Google I/O.

1.) New Themes in Google Forms

24 new themes have been added to Google Forms.  Thanks to their partnership with iStockPhoto, they were able to include lots of new imagery into their forms.

2.) Google Voice For Students

Google Voice is still being tested and is available by …

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Webinar/Seminar Invitation For Google Apps and Internet Marketing

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Google Apps WebinarEver since starting Zadling, I’ve found that I’m attending more and more webinars and seminars. There are two very interesting webinars and seminars that I wanted to share with you today.

The first is a webinar on the Google Apps Marketplace titled Extending Google Apps with the Apps Marketplace.  It is a free one-hour webinar hosted by Google. The webinar will go over common business needs addressed by the Apps Marketplace, as well as how to find, install, and use apps in the marketplace.  The webinar takes place Wednesday, April 28 at 2:00 pm EST.

The second is a seminar on internet marketing hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine titled Business Success Secrets.  This is a free half-day seminar that will take place in …

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5 Great Free Apps On The Google Apps Marketplace

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Google Apps MarketplaceOne of the best reasons to begin using Google Apps or to make the switch to Google Apps from a limted on-premise Microsoft Server and Microsoft Exchange environment is the ability to use third-party applications on the Google Apps Marketplace to streamline your business processes.

There are just tons of applications that have been developed that will increase your business’s productivity and many of them are available for free. I wanted to highlight five new free applications that have made their way to the Google Apps Marketplace.

1.) Tungle.Me – Scheduling – Free

Tungle Me is a scheduling tool that allows people to publish when they’re available, accept appointments, and plan meetings. Since the application integrates with your Google Calendar, workers can set …

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