Tips On How To Make Your Chromebook Faster

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How to Speed Up ChromebookDo you feel that your Chromebook is getting slow? You can use these tips to help speed up your Chroombook.

1.) Reduce Tabs — The more that’s going on with your Chromebook, the slower it’s going to get. Although the Chromebook is great for mobile computing, its processor and RAM aren’t top of the line. The lower specs also help the Chromebook achieve 8 hours of battery life. The first and easiest thing you can do to speed up your Chromebook is to eliminate tabs you’re not using.

2.) Eliminate Extensions — Don’t get too crazy with extension add ons. If you have any extensions that you absolutely do not use, I would uninstall them. These extensions take up RAM and end up slowing down your Chromebook.

3.) Check Your Processes — With Shift + Esc, you can check out your Task Manager to see what processes are running.

4.) Clear Your Cache — Whenever you visit websites, the files are downloaded to the computer to speed up browsing. After a while that can clog things up and slow down your computer. In order to clear your case, open your Chromebook settings, click the Under the Hood tab, and click Clear browser data.

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  1. rob petrie

    Dec 18, 13 at 6:08 pm

    You are clear in your statements, but do you have any idea why my chromebook 500C Samsung runs pretty fast with 2 personal account and is very much slower when I log in on the other account(my domain, google apps).
    I can’t figger it out, tried all tips that I read about this subject concerning the slowing down.

    sincere thanks in advance

    Rob Petrie
    the Netherlands

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