New Google Docs App: Create Docs From Photo

Posted by in Google Docs on July 9th, 2011 | 1 Comment

I was browsing around the Google Docs blog to see if Google might have anything to say about the possibility of being able to edit Microsoft Word files directly in Google Docs. I was really hoping for some Microsoft Word functionality within Google Docs with the arrival of the Chromebook.  Unfortunately, I did not come across any information about that topic, but I did stumble upon some very neat features that have been added to Google Docs.

The last features that I am really fond of are the ability to now upload entire folders, drag-and-drop files for uploading, and pagination.

With the new Google Docs Android app, you’re now able to take a picture with your phone and have the text in the photo converted to a Google Doc. So the next time you stumble across a poster or book and just wished you could copy it verbatim, download the Google Docs app, snap a picture, and have it converted in no time.

Checkout out the screen shot below where you can select Create a new document from photo.

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