Problems with the iPad and Microsoft Windows Server 2003

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One of the main reasons I suggest my clients use Google Apps instead of Microsoft Exchange for their business’s email and IT needs is because, other than the significant cost savings, Google Apps “just works.”  Google Apps can be setup by a professional rather quickly and you will already be getting email delivered to you which you can check from any computer simply by logging in at Additionally, if you still like the comfort of using Microsoft Outlook, that can be setup and synced with Google Apps with ease. Therefore, you could cut out all the headaches and costs associated with having and maintaining a Microsoft server.

My Problem With Microsoft

Our criticism of Microsoft’s offerings is well documented here on this blog. Microsoft is the king of software and they build extremely powerful tools such as Sharepoint. However, the cost of their products is egregiously excessive and the implementation and ease of use definitely receives a failing grade.

It seems like everyone I talk to has had a major problem with Microsoft Exchange.  It’s difficult for some people to add their Microsoft Exchange email on their phone.  Configuring the address for Microsoft Exchange is cumbersome and confusing. You have to pay IT professionals out the wazoo to setup the server. The list goes on. Just read some of the comments people have left us on our other blog posts.

iPad Problems With Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

This latest issue affected another business contact of mine. They recently purchased an iPad and they were trying to configure their iPad to receive email which was hosted on a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. From what he described, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 “doesn’t play nice” with the iPad.

Simply trying to setup email on his iPad caused his Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to malfunction to the point where not only was his iPad not receiving email, but his entire organization couldn’t even receive email in Microsoft Outlook. Setting up his iPad caused his Microsoft Exchange Server to simply break down. A couple thousand dollars later from IT support and he’s back up and running.

Another Business Goes Google

This person was so frustrated by the situation that he’s not going spend thousands of dollars to upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, he’s going to simply make the switch to Google Apps. This is why 3,000 businesses sign up for Google Apps per day. Are you ready to use Google Apps?

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