How To Stop Windows XP & Vista From Freezing

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Windows Frozen FixIt’s happened to everyone. Your computer locks up. Sometimes it happens occasionally, but other times it occurs frequently — and it drives you nuts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or even Windows 7.  It’s happened to everyone running a Windows machine at least once and more likely a couple hundred times. So what do you do when your computer constantly freezes up?

My Windows Vista desktop has been running smoothly for four years, but recently, freezing up has become a huge problem. For some reason, my desktop would never freeze while I was actually doing work on the computer, it would only freeze when I return to it after the screen saver has been on or the computer has been in sleep mode.

As a side note, if you’ve read through the Microsoft section of our blog, you know that I am not a fan of Microsoft. If you’re asking why I’m not a Mac user, it’s because I simply feel lost using a Mac (I’ve been using Windows since I was six-years-old with Windows 3.0) and Apple’s products are too pricey for the specs. The equivalent of a $1799 MacBook Pro will cost you just $999 for an HP. But to get back on topic about fixing the Windows freezing problem, let’s see what can be done to fix this thing.

The advice that you get from most people when you tell them that your PC is constantly locking up is to backup your hard drive and perform a clean install of your operating system. Nobody wants to do that though. It takes a ton of time and is a huge aggravation. The next thing somebody will tell you to do is download a registry cleaner.  In other words, a program to clear all the junk off your computer that is slowing it down.  I use CCleaner, which is absolutely free and strongly recommend it.  Although cleaning your computer’s registry, especially if you have never cleaned the registry before, will speed up your computer, it likely isn’t the solution for preventing your computer from freezing.

The likely reason your computer is freezing is because your computer’s drivers are outdated.  How will you know which drivers you need to update? Device Doctor has developed free software to check which drivers you need to update and allows you to download the drivers that you need.

With a registry cleaner and updated drivers, your computer should be as good as new. After I updated my drivers, my Vista desktop didn’t freeze up anymore. It began running smoothly again and I didn’t have to resort to running a clean install of the operating system.  I hope you have the same success with your computer.

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