Internet Explorer Losing Browser Market Share To Chrome

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IE Red X Crossed OutLast month I wrote a lengthy post about why Google’s Chrome browser is the be-all end-all of website browsers. Not only do I hate IE as a website developer because I’m tired of IE’s silly quirks that you have to spend hours debugging, but it provides just a terrible browsing experience. It is simply the worst!

I’m glad to see that IE’s market share has finally sunk, for the first time ever, below 60 percent. ¬†IE’s market share now sits at 59.95 percent, falling 0.69 percent since last month. If I had it my way, IE would be completely banned from the internet!

It’s good to see that Chrome’s browser market share increase to 6.73 percent. Maybe my post did a bit of good since Chrome’s market share was 6.13 percent just one month ago when I wrote the article. ¬†Chrome’s market share was just 2.0 percent exactly one year ago, so with a 300% year-over-year growth rate, I wonder if Chrome can get their market share above 15 percent by April 2011. I certainly hope so.

Below is a chart depicting each browser’s market share and it looks to me that Internet Explorer’s decline is accelerating more rapidly in the recent months while both Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser are picking up market share.

Don’t forget to install Chrome and never use IE again.

Browser Market Share: IE vs. Chrome vs. Firefox

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