Happy 5th Birthday YouTube

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This month marks the 5th anniversary of YouTube. It seems like it’s been around for so much longer, but YouTube launched its first beta version in May 2005. The idea began in Chad Hurley’s garage in in January 2005 and the domain was then registered in February before YouTube was officially launched in its beta version in May. By September 2005, Ronaldinho’s “Touch of Gold” Nike ad was the first video to receive 1 million views.

YouTube was then considered official by December 2005. Google then acquired YouTube on October 6, 2006, for $1.65 billion, which is actually Google’s second largest acquisition behind Double Click, the online advertising giant that Google acquired for for $3.1 billion in April 2007.

YouTube now receives 2 billion views per day and is the third most visited website behind Google and Facebook. Additionally, 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute. You probably know the most watched videos in YouTube by now, but they are Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance with 206 million views, followed by Charlie Bit My Finger with 190 million views.

To celebrate YouTube’s 5th birthday, the YouTube Five Year Channel has been launched which contains videos of people’s stories about how YouTube has impacted their lives.

Here is a remarkable video going over the milestone’s in YouTube’s history.

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