The Important Matter of Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Google Chrome vs. IEIt is already well known that I am a huge fan of anything Google. It started with Google search, then Google Gmail, and then quickly expanded to Google AdWords, Google’s RSS Reader, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Apps, and so on. If you had to guess what my browser of choice is, you know already know that it is going to be Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is simply the best browser there is. I’m still stunned that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still has a majority of the web browser market share with 61% (see chart below). That’s only because it comes pre-installed on Windows, not because it’s a good browser by any means. I would think that more people would get fed up with the terrible IE user experience and switch to another browser.

Google Chrome has just 6% of the browser market share and I hope I can boost those numbers by just a bit by providing a list of reasons why you should switch to Google Chrome.  Despite Google’s small percentage of the browser market, Google’s market share grew by 0.52% in just the past month alone, so it’s really starting to gain some steam.

Why is Google Chrome the best browser? Speed! Click on the Google Chrome icon on your desktop and it launches in a split second. It’s up and running before you can even say the word “one.” When I launch Firefox, I find myself waiting for about 15 seconds before the browser is launched and I’m able to start browsing. Although Internet Explorer is a bit faster than Firefox in terms of launch speed, it doesn’t come close to Chrome.  I also found that webpages load 33% faster in Chrome vs. Internet Explorer.  A typical website that takes 15 seconds to load in IE will take just 10 seconds to load in Chrome.

Need another reason to switch to Google Chrome? Clutter Reduction! Another thing I hate about Internet Explorer is that by the time you get to the actual webpage, a quarter of your screen is already taken up thanks to the title bar, followed by the address bar, followed by the bookmarks bar, followed by the tabs, and you’ll also probably have another toolbar added to the mix if you’re using Google’s search bar, plus the status bar at the bottom. That’s seven bars! Chrome reduces the clutter to just two or three bars.  The tabs get pushed to the top instead of a useless title bar and the address bar is below — two bars, that’s it.  I also added a third bar in Chrome for my bookmarks.  With Chrome, you’re viewing area is significantly larger than IE, which creates a much better browsing experience. This Chrome commercial demonstrates what I’m talking about.  Here is another brilliant Chrome commercial.

Google Chrome also makes it easier to move tabs around, close other tabs, and you can even pull a tab off of the tab bar so that tab opens in a new browser window.  You can’t do that with Internet Explorer.  Just like you’re able to pull a tab off to open into a new window, you can also drag a tab from one window to another window.

Google Chrome also offers bookmark syncing so you can have the same set of bookmarks on all of the computers that you use.

Hopefully that’s enough reasons for you to make the switch from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox to Google Chrome.  Google Insider would agree.

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Below is a chart of browser market share:

Browser Market Share

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