Google Releases Google Maps 4.0 For Blackberry

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Google Maps Blackberry Voice SearchWe all know that the Blackberry is a business device and the iPhone is a toy, but if you’re a Blackberry user that harbors a little iPhone jealousy, your iPhone envy has waned a little bit thanks to Google Maps 4.0 for the Blackberry.

Google officially rolled out version 4.0 for the Blackberry today and it is a big upgrade. The best feature included in the upgrade is its voice search feature.

Google will discover your location once you log into the program.  To search by voice, simply hold down the green call icon and say what you’re searching for.

My favorite use of this app is to search for restaurants.   With the Google Maps Mobile, you’ll be able to not only get the location’s phone number and address, but you’ll be able to get directions, store hours, reviews, and even the restaurant’s alcohol policy.

So the next time you’re in a city that you’re unfamiliar with and in the mood for Pad Thai, whip out your Blackberry, open up Google Maps, say Pad Thai, and you’ll have all the information you’ll need to make it happen.

Google Buzz is also integrated into the app, so you’ll be able to contribute to Buzz or read what others have Buzzed about the location.  You can also star your favorite locations to access them more quickly, as well as search by saying the address.

To download the Google Maps Blackberry App, visit in your Blackberry’s browser and install the application.  I would also recommend downloading Google Mobile App at

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