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Google Maps LogoGoogle is constantly developing tools to refine search results to make search faster and more convenient.  In our last Google Maps article, we provided a tutorial on how to create a Google Map from a Google Spreadsheet.  I wanted to provide another update on a few new features that have been added to Google Maps.

Google recently added hotel prices to their search results.  Most people’s first stop in researching hotels is Google Maps, so Google wanted to improve your search by providing pricing information.  However, this feature is available only to select users since the feature is still being experimented with.  I’ve not been able to view this feature yet, but I’ve provided a link on the image below so you are able to see what the search results with the pricing information would look like.

I also wanted to go over a few other features that I found in Google Maps Labs.  I’ve enabled drag and zoom and the “what’s around here” features.  To add these features, click the green labs icon at the top and enable these features.

What’s Around Here?

If I’m planning a trip to Chicago and researching hotels, I can click the “what’s around here” button at the top and I’ll see attractions in Chicago such as the Shedd Aquarium, Wrigley Field, the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago’s Cultural Center, and many others.

The results are also refined by whether you zoom in or out of your map.  For example, if you want more popular locations located in a broader geographic area, zoom out, but if you want more precise locations located closer to your hotel such as restaurants, zoom in.

Additionally, if you want to refine your search results, you can type in whatever search term you’re seeking and search the map.  Once I’ve selected the area I want to search in (Chicago), I can search “art” and I’ll be able to see only results that deal with art.

Drag and Zoom

After I’ve enabled this feature, I now see a magnifying glass below the zoom bar.  After clicking that, I can now zoom in on my location by simply dragging the cursor over the area I want to zoom in on.

Street View

Most people know about this feature, but just in case you don’t, I wanted to point out that you can get a 360 degree view from your location by clicking and dragging the orange man onto the street that you want to view.  Here’s the street view for Wrigley Field — it’s like I’m right at the box office.

List Your Business

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Hotel Prices

Below is an image of what Google Map’s search results will look like with the hotel pricing information.  Click the image for the larger view.

Google Maps Hotel Prices

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