Create a Google Map from a Spreadsheet

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Create Google Map From SpreadsheetHere is a neat feature that you can use with Google Spreadsheets. Let’s say you want to publish a map on your website with a list of locations such as your favorite restaurants. This can be easily accomplished using Google Spreadsheets and Google Maps. I’ll go over how to create a map with custom locations that you can publish on your website with this tutorial.

In this example, I’ve created a map of my favorite cheesesteak joints in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Although the process of creating a map is rather cumbersome, it is a very useful tool that can be accomplished through a few easy steps. The greatest benefit of this tool is that current entries can be edited and new entries can be added to the map through the Google spreadsheet without having to update the map’s code, which is very nice and can save you a lot of time.

How to create a Google Map with Google Spreadsheets:

1.) Create a Google Docs Spreadsheet. Here is a link to my spreadsheet.

2.) Create the following columns: Rank, Name, Description (Address and Phone Number), Lattitude, and Longitude.

3.) Enter your data into your cells.

4.) Inserting Latitude and Longitude: Here is the tricky part.  Once you look up a location in Google Maps, click Link, and copy and paste the URL somewhere.  The two numbers following the zip code, after the “ll=” area are the numbers that you will need to use for your longitude and latitude cells. Zoom in for the most accurate results.

5.) Save your spreadsheet.

6.) Click “Share” in the upper-righthand corner of your spreadsheet and click “Publish as a Webpage.”

7.) Click “Start publishing.”

8.) In the spreadsheet URL listed at the bottom, copy the information following “key=”. For my spreadsheet, this number is: tW8BBuw4xPLK6dms0KH6Yhw.

9.) Follow this link: Google’s wizard for creating a map from a Google Spreadsheet.

10.) Paste the key that you copied into the Spreadsheet key and load your spreadsheet.

11.) Adjust your options if you prefer and update your map.

12.) Copy and paste the code onto your website.

13.) Get a Google Maps API.

14.) Insert your API key following the “key=” in the code that you pasted onto your website.

15.) Troubleshooting: The code should work fine. However, if you’re like me, and run your website off of WordPress, your map may not appear. The easy way of getting around this is to create an HTML file for your map and then use an iframe within your WordPress post to call the file. If you find that the map you created is not accurate, check your latitude and longitude values. The more you zoom in on your location, the more accurate the results will be.

Enjoy your map. Here is how mine came out:

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